Quality Inspection Service

  • Finished Leathers Inspection and Grading
  • Leather and non Leather shoes Inspection and Quality Assurance
  • Leather goods and Garments Inspection and Quality Asssurance
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Consultancy Service

  • Technical Consultancy Service for Tanneries and Shoe Factories
  • ISO 9001:2008 Consultancy for factories
  • Training and Skill Development of Operators and Supervisors
  • Technical Audits
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Sourcing Service

  • Identifying and recommending proper factories and tanneries to our clients
  • Sourcing and exporting of Finished Leathers, Footwear and Leather goods from India and rest of the world for our valuable clients
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Our Strength

  • Trained Professionals
  • Neutral Service
  • ccurate Inspection and Audit Reports
  • Wide and depth Knowledge about the leather industries
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  • Neutral Valuation and quality assurance of products
  • topping of defective goods going to the customer end
  • Accurate and Neutral Inspection
  • Enhanced Quality of products
  • Improvement of operators and supervisor skills
  • Identifying of efficient factories and tanneries without the need to visit the place in person.
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  • The customer would get the products with improved quality continually and the supplier could satisfy the needs of the customer in terms of both quality and productivity resulting in enhancement of customer satisfaction.
  • The chances of surprise and hidden quality issues are arrested.
  • Chances of poor quality products being shipped is avoided bringing a transparency in the quality.
  • Overall improvement in the quality standard.
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We offer the below inspection services both as direct representatives of Brands and as Third Party Inspection Service.

The aim of the Quality Inspection Service is to ensure that the products shipped from the supplier place to the customer meets the quality requirements of the customer without any major quality complaints.

TQI hires trained and qualified professionals from the respective fields. The products are inspected by the respective Quality Technicians to ensure that the products meet the technical and quality requirements of the customer through scientific and practical methods of Inspection.

The result will be that the Customer will receive continuously improved quality of shoes through out the season.

Our Inspection Services

  1. Finished Leather Inspection Services
  2. 100% and AQL Inspection of Full shoes and Shoe uppers
  3. Leather Goods and Garments Inspection Services
  4. Textile and Garments Inspection Services

Consultancy Services


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We offer the below Auditing and Consultant Services for factories

  • Technical Consultancy for Leather and Footwear Industries.
  • Auditing of factory quality systems.
  • Assessment of labor skills.
  • Consultancy to factories to improve quality productivity.

Quality Management Training/ Skill Development


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  • We provide the factories and the tanneries the quality management training for their Supervisors and Managers
  • We provide training to the operators to enhance their skills and productivity.


  • We offer sourcing services for leather, footwear, leather goods and garments from India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries for our valued customers.